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With millions of Wi-Fi mobile devices sold each month, Mobile Internet is part of our everyday life. Osmozis's outdoors extended IP networks can meet this need of wireless connections.

Osmozis, wireless network operator, has positioned itself as a key actor thanks to a range of advanced Wi-Fi hotspots; OsmoSpot with mesh technology. The wireless mesh is dedicated to the implementation of outdoor and extended Wi-Fi solution, incorporating the topology constraints.

Osmozis, innovative French company designs, manufactures, assembles, installs and operates its own proprietary equipment OsmoSpot.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technologies deployed by Osmozis, security cameras can be installed to create an extended wireless monitoring network (several tens of hectares), in mixed indoor and outdoor environment.

Osmozis's solutions are perfectly adapted for campsites, vacation resorts and marinas. Osmozis proposes an efficient and evolutive Wireless Internet access with multilingual technical support. Therefore, wireless video surveillance with visualization and day/night recording of cameras pictures might also be added to these sites.