I have an audible alarm system in case of emergency

Audible security alarm


Wireless audible alarm system covering the campsite
Outdoor loudspeakers resistant to bad weather
Broadcasting of pre-recorded messages or directly by microphone
Totally safe battery-powered system
Independent of the Wi-Fi network
Meets regulations and security standards for campsites

The solution in detail

Entirely developed and patented by its R&D & service, Osmozis offers its wireless audible alarm device, OsmoAlert™, covering the site to guarantee security, and alert all holidaymakers in case of danger (fire, flood, storn…)

OsmoAlert™, equipment and turnkey solutions

OsmoAlert™ is a turnkey service which does not require any VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) installation. Supported by an Osmozis transport network, OsmoAlert™ is an audible warning device which is easy to implement, and is entirely secure and reliable. The OsmoSpots™ involved in the OsmoAlert™ solution have an autonomous energy supply, by the addition of an emergency supply. Installed in a few days by Osmozis technicians, your OsmoAlert™ alarm system is quickly operational.
For an optimal service guarantee, Osmozis guarantees the supervision, maintenance and servicing on-site, including changing the batteries before the end of their life.

A reliable solution to strengthen security

The OsmoAlert™ audible alarm device is comprised of:

  • a microphone with keys programmed at reception;
  • outdoor loud speakers connected to a 5 GHz wireless transport network; and
  • energy-safe mechanisms for all points of the battery-operated system.

Your multi-connected service, able to operate both with a master control and automatically

  • Battery operated system (autonomous for a minimum of 2 hours)
  • Recording of a voice message on the server
  • Replaying of this message on the transmitter, to check it can be heard
  • Broadcasting of pre-recorded messages
  • Broadcasting of a direct message by microphone
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I wish to be able to alert holidaymakers in case of emergency (fire, flood, storm…)
I would like an alarm which even works during a power cut
I would like to be able to broadcast pre-recorded or live messages
What they say about it
à propos d'OsmoAlert™
MR Charrier Manager of the Sainte Anne campsite in the Vendée (FR-85 – French department number 85)
With the OsmoAlert, holidaymakers are safe. I had this system installed on my campsite following a request from the safety committee. I haven’t yet used it (fortunately!) but it could prove practical for making announcements on the campsite.
Just one word to remember: tranquillity.
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