I have an audible alarm system in case of emergency

Audible security alarm


Wireless audible alarm system covering the campsite
Outdoor loudspeakers resistant to bad weather
Broadcasting of pre-recorded messages or directly by microphone
Totally safe battery-powered system
Independent of the Wi-Fi network
Meets regulations and security standards for campsites

The solution in detail

Entirely developed and patented by its R&D & service, Osmozis offers its wireless audible alarm device, OsmoAlert™, covering the site to guarantee security, and alert all holidaymakers in case of danger (fire, flood, storn…)

OsmoAlert™, equipment and turnkey solutions

OsmoAlert™ is a turnkey service which does not require any VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) installation. Supported by an Osmozis transport network, OsmoAlert™ is an audible warning device which is easy to implement, and is entirely secure and reliable. The OsmoSpots™ involved in the OsmoAlert™ solution have an autonomous energy supply, by the addition of an emergency supply. Installed in a few days by Osmozis technicians, your OsmoAlert™ alarm system is quickly operational.
For an optimal service guarantee, Osmozis guarantees the supervision, maintenance and servicing on-site, including changing the batteries before the end of their life.

A reliable solution to strengthen security

The OsmoAlert™ audible alarm device is comprised of:

  • a microphone with keys programmed at reception;
  • outdoor loud speakers connected to a 5 GHz wireless transport network; and
  • energy-safe mechanisms for all points of the battery-operated system.

Your multi-connected service, able to operate both with a master control and automatically

  • Battery operated system (autonomous for a minimum of 2 hours)
  • Recording of a voice message on the server
  • Replaying of this message on the transmitter, to check it can be heard
  • Broadcasting of pre-recorded messages
  • Broadcasting of a direct message by microphone
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I wish to be able to alert holidaymakers in case of emergency (fire, flood, storm…)
I would like an alarm which even works during a power cut
I would like to be able to broadcast pre-recorded or live messages
What they say about it
about OsmoAlert™
MR Charrier Manager of the Sainte Anne campsite in the Vendée (FR-85 – French department number 85)
With the OsmoAlert, holidaymakers are safe. I had this system installed on my campsite following a request from the safety committee. I haven’t yet used it (fortunately!) but it could prove practical for making announcements on the campsite.
Just one word to remember: tranquillity.

Audible security alarm | FAQ

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The wireless audible security alarm system warns holidaymakers of bad weather (such as fires, floods, storms, etc.).

If the alarm system goes off, holidaymakers are invited to return to their homes or to the covered, secure areas of your holiday establishment (campsite, holiday home, hotel, marina, etc.). If necessary, the owner of the establishment can also broadcast messages via OsmoAlert™.

In addition to climate change, other events can affect the safety of holidaymakers, such as burglaries, intrusions, break-ins, acts of vandalism and so on.

To offer your customers optimum protection, don’t hesitate to install CCTV with motion detectors. As well as keeping potential criminals out, these security systems make it easier to trace them in the event of an intrusion.

Osmozis manages the entire installation of your wireless audible security alarm system.

Totally independent of the WiFi network, it is possible to install the OsmoAlert™ device even if you don’t have wireless internet thanks to our transport network.

If your wireless audible security alarm system breaks down, Osmozis engineers will work on your site for the duration of the contract.

But rest assured, to avoid incidents at the peak of the tourist season, our support service take care of your system remotely. This enables us to anticipate any malfunctions before you even notice them !

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