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Wireless network of cameras across the entire site
Interior and exterior high resolution, infrared and anti vandalism cameras
Remote monitoring from your mobile/tablet/desktop
Service guarantee with supervision for 365 days a year

Our CCTV solution

The wireless video protection solution by Osmozis has been completely developed by the company’s R&D & service. It has been patented, and is based upon open IP standards. The cameras are installed on an Osmozis transport network, entirely adapted to extensive grounds. In addition, the client service by Osmozis provides both efficiency and reactivity, support for users throughout the year.

OsmoCam™, smart technology CCTV

Supported by its multi-service Wi-Fi network or a 5 GHz transport system, Osmozis is capable of wirelessly linking the network of cameras, across the entire establishment.

The interior and exterior cameras, with an anti-vandalism option, provide excellent image quality, with possibilities of Very High Resolution for recognition and identification of individuals, both during the day and the night.

The OsmoCam™ solutions installed have permanent monitoring 365 days per year from Osmozis network monitoring centres, guaranteeing a service quality unique in Europe.

A flexible and developing service

A solution which enables a strengthening of security, permanent monitoring of vulnerable areas of the establishment and ensures the protection of property and people.

As for the typical areas to monitor:

  • Access/Entry/Car Parks
  • Water Parks/Swimming Pools
  • Entertainment Areas/Maintenance Facilities/Sanitary Blocks
  • Reception/Restaurant(s)

Keep an eye, at any time, on your CCTV

Your secure client area enables you to remotely monitor your site, from your computer, your mobile or your tablet.

Technical information:

  • Server for management and storage with RAID data security
  • Display on all types of terminals, on-site or remotely

Compliance with the laws on video protection


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Secure your
your campsite

I wish to monitor those entering my campsite during the day and the night
I wish to be able to monitor payment points
I wish to be able to identify the perpetrators of acts of vandalism and theft
I wish to be able to be alerted to risky behaviour or trespassing
What they say about it
about OsmoCam™
MR Rabeau Manager of the La Plage – Grimaud campsite in the Var (FR-83 – French department number 83)
The cameras with the OsmoCam solution enable me to monitor remotely, either on my mobile, or from the central display screen, the comings and goings on my campsite. Since the addition of the 4K cameras, the live display is magnificent!


Your asks to Osmozis

Absolutely. In fact, this is the most common viewing mode used by CCTV installation by Osmozis. Several types of screen are available to display all your security systems at the same time: a 24-inch Full HD screen and a 32-inch 4K screen to display your top-of-the-range cameras with precision!

To display several cameras, we recommend choosing a mosaic of 8 cameras for the 24-inch screen and 16 cameras for the 32-inch screen.

Your Osmozis CCTV offers you a dedicated mobile application so that you can easily view the cameras in your campsite from anywhere.

This app is available on Google Play (for Android) and Apple Store (for IOS). It lets you view your cameras remotely and at any time on your personal mobile devices (mobile phones, digital tablets, etc.). The application offers a range of viewing modes (batches of cameras; a single camera; zoom, etc.) and lets you share cameras with another user.

Osmozis takes care of the entire installation of the video surveillance system in your holiday establishment (campsite, holiday home, hotel, marina, etc.).

However, if your site is not equipped with WiFi, it will be necessary to install poles beforehand. Our teams of video surveillance installers will customise your OsmoCam system to suit your needs (camera location, bandwidth, with or without infrared, etc.). All the areas of the site you want to secure will benefit from an effective surveillance system.

We then configure the screen display and remote viewing on your devices. We’ll also help you declare your site’s remote surveillance system to the legal authorities.

In short, a 100% turnkey solution for real peace of mind!

Our team of video surveillance installers will help you to set up an OsmoCam CCTV solution tailored to your needs and bandwidth capacity. They will work with you to calculate your bandwidth requirements and anticipate any potential constraints (insufficient internet speeds, unsuitable ISP, etc.).

This way, you can be sure of getting the right video surveillance system, with minimum impact on your bandwidth.

If your equipment breaks down, Osmozis technicians will come to your site, all year round, for the duration of the contract!

And thanks to the remote supervision of your installations by our support service, most of the time this on-site breakdown service is anticipated before you even notice the malfunction!

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