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Monitoring water consumption


Autonomous water consumption management systems
Tracking consumption 24/7
Detection of leaks and cases of overconsumption
SMS or e-mail alert system

Save your water consumption

The OsmoWater™ solution is a device for monitoring your water supply networks. This innovative tool enables you to save water on your site (campsite, hotel, holiday home, tourist accommodation…) and optimise the management of your establishment and your equipment (sanitary facilities, swimming pools, taps…).

OsmoWater™ takes a reading, in real time, of water consumption on your site and alerts you immediately in the event of leaks or excessive consumption. This water saver also allows you to intervene remotely from the Client Area to turn the water flow on or off, for example when holidaymakers arrive and leave.

Minimize water consumption, optimize your intervention

OsmoWater™ is a turnkey service which does not require any VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) works.

Supported by a LoRaWan transmission network, the OsmoWater™ service is a device for consumption tracking, and for alerting in case of a water leak. It is easy to implement and entirely secure and reliable.

Installed in just a few days by Osmozis technicians, your OsmoWater™ device is quickly operational.
For optimal service guarantee, Osmozis guarantees supervision, maintenance and servicing on-site.

A reliable solution, efficient technology

The OsmoWater™ service is configurable from your Client Area and enables you:

  • to check in real time the operation of water supplies;
  • to monitor consumption per unit in real time;
  • to produce consumptions and flows over a given period;
  • to manage your alerts (e-mails or SMS) in the event of leaks or overconsumption.

Optimum control, an energy-controlled budget =

Made with a LoRaWan unit, an OsmoWater™ management and alert system enables you to avoid water overconsumption, and to ensure the tracking of these supply networks.


Save water consumption | Needs

and avoid water leaks

A dripping tap = 120 litres/day
A leaky flush = more than 600 litres/day
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What they say about it
about OsmoWater™
MR Lavignolle Manager of the La Plage des Aigrettes campsite in the Landes (FR-40 – French department number 40)
The OsmoWater solution provides comfort and precision. In winter when the manholes are full of water, or during the summer when we’re full, it is not clear whether we should go and read all of the 79 meters we have. Thanks to the Osmozis system, I am able to read one meter individually or all at the same time. The results of the volumetric progression are displayed in real time, with the dedicated software, which is very easy to understand, that enables me to have comprehensive remote control. If there is a problem, I immediately receive a telephone alert. The equipment has brought real peace of mind to the management process!

Monitoring water consumption | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

Water leaks sometimes go unnoticed until they need to be repaired, whether because of antiquated water supply networks or non-existent pipework plans. These pitfalls can not only generate exorbitant consumption costs, but can also lead to claims and damaging damage that can affect the good condition of the entire establishment (hotel, campsite or tourist residence).

Furthermore, according to the Observatoire des services publics d’eau et d’assainissement, each French person uses an average of 149 litres of drinking water per day (i.e. 54.3 m3 / inhabitant / year).

However, it is estimated that holidaymakers use 7 times more water on average than they normally do at home. To limit the waste of this precious natural resource, it’s important to raise awareness among your customers. This inevitably involves careful management and monitoring of running water consumption on its site.

Our OsmoWater™ solution involves connecting your existing water meters within your facility (either on each unit or at key locations on site). These smart water meters monitor, in real time, water consumption and allow you to identify leaks very quickly. As a result, you’ll make considerable water savings, keep your budget under control, reduce your water bill and take a step towards an eco-responsible approach.

Our OsmoWater™ water-saving solution monitors and controls your water consumption in real time, with remote readings taken every 10 minutes. In the event of leaks, you are immediately alerted by email or text message.

You can manage the parameters of these notifications as you wish, and set personalised thresholds for slow leaks (a dripping tap or mixer tap, for example) or major leaks (such as a burst water pipe).

This guarantees optimum, uninterrupted control of leaks and excess water consumption on your site.

OsmoWater™ is a connected water meter, which works through a LoRaWan transmission network. This device tracks and monitors your water consumption, detects leaks and alerts you (by email or text message) in the event of leaks or overconsumption.

Unlike a traditional water meter or a simple flow limiter, it requires no manual reading on your part, and sends you all the data electronically. The module consists of a solenoid valve (this flow regulator allows you to open and close the water supply remotely) and a connected water meter (for monitoring consumption and detecting leaks).

It’s an autonomous, reliable, turnkey solution that lets you optimise the management of your water and your installations.

Our OsmoWater™ water saver is suitable for all types of structures (campsites, holiday home accommodation, hotels…), equipped with pipes from DN15 to DN200 diameter (flanged meter).

Our technicians are able to intervene throughout France and elsewhere in Europe to install your OsmoWater™ water meter. They install the device in just a few days, for a solution that’s up and running very quickly.

What’s more, this service does not require any roadworks. And to guarantee you optimum service, we can intervene at any time, on site, to supervise and maintain your device.

With OsmoWater™, you can monitor and control, in real time, your site’s water consumption from your Client Area, at any time, wherever you are.

On this dedicated digital interface, accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer, you get an overall view of all water consumption within your establishment, over a given period.

Highly intuitive and user-friendly, this digital space allows you to :

  • easily identify the most significant sources of consumption in your hotel, campsite or holiday home: swimming pool, sanitary facilities, etc.
  • find a specific event, with the day and time, thanks to the history (a residual or major water leak, etc.)
  • switch the water supply on or off remotely, wherever you are (when holidaymakers arrive or leave, for example)
  • check the condition and operation of your water network
  • export your water consumption data to a dashboard in .csv format
    bill your owners quickly and easily.

Thanks to this water consumption monitoring system, you can considerably reduce your drinking water bills.

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