I am making holidaymakers’ lives easier with payment bracelets

Electronic wallet


Contactless payment solution with a payment bracelet (RFID or QR CODE)
OsmoPay at reception to manage client accounts and bracelets
OsmoTPE at points of sale for receipts and recharging

The solution in detail

So as to improve the experience of holidaymakers and enable them to make their purchases more simply, Osmozis offers the OsmoPay™ solution, an electronic payment solution with a bracelet (using an RFID or QR Code) enabling all payments to be made easier, and reduce waiting times (for the bar, catering outlets, the grocery, bakery, an activity or the water park…).

OsmoPay™ also enables the reduction of cash circulation within your establishment and thus avoids both internal and external thefts.

OsmoPay™, the delight of making your purchases in a fun way

OsmoPay™ has become the attractive means of payment for your holidaymakers, during their stay on your site. A simple bracelet (RFID or QR Code) supplied upon their arrival at the campsite, they can pay for all purchases at all points of sale on your site (the restaurant, snack bar, grocery…).

Using OsmoPay™ simplifies the management of receipts and facilitates payment:

  • Less waiting time = greater guest satisfaction
  • Less money to control = less errors

Useful and practical for families, each bracelet can be charged with the desired amount, with the possibility of putting a cap on children’s expenditure.
Recharging is perfectly simple both at reception and the points of sale equipped for OsmoPay™.

A contactless payment service which is free of commission on the transactions

OsmoPay™ is a service which optimises the organisation and management of contactless payments at the points of sale on your site. The simplicity and the ease of use of the bracelet increases holidaymaker purchases (on average 20% more sales).
Thanks to OsmoPay™ you are able in a few clicks, to track guest consumption, access statistics for use and analyse guest behaviour. You will thus act efficiently when operating your points of sale.

An innovative & and autonomous service with a simplified use

OsmoPay™ is independent of your PMS and any Wi-Fi network.

With OsmoPay™ installed at reception you are able to:

  • simply create and configure guest accounts,
  • recharge supports (RFID or QR Code bracelet),
  • block supports (in case of loss or theft),
  • edit all transactions,
  • consult the balance of a given support,
  • reimburse the balance remaining upon a guest’s departure,
  • track contactless payments at points of sale, and
  • connect points of sale by means of management (via Osmo-TPE).

With Osmo-TPE at all points of sale, you are able to:

  • manage payments by scanning the guest support,
  • reimburse guests,
  • print the payment slip, including the support balance,
  • consult daily transactions,
  • produce an end-of-day receipts statement,
  • consult payment statistics by date and hour, and
  • Osmo-TPE is supplied with a 3G/4G subscription to secure and increase reliability of transactions with OsmoPay™.

OsmoPay™ and OsmoKey™ coexist on the same RIFD bracelet to simplify the holidaymakers’ stays!

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I wish to make the holidaymakers’ lives easier, by enabling then to pay for their purchases using a bracelet
I wish to increase the volume of business at my points of sale
I wish to avoid errors due to cash handling
I wish to decrease waiting times at payment points
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