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Software and professional Wi-Fi solutions with fiber optics for sports clubs, stadiums, multi-sports halls, gymnasiums...
Power consumption management for your sports facilities
Electronic wallet available to users of your sports facilities
Water consumption management for your sports facilities
CCTV for your premises and sports facilities

Discover our solutions for sports facilities

Osmozis is your preferred partner for high-quality connectivity and optimized management of your sports facilities! As a provider of high-performance Wi-Fi networks, we guarantee a seamless connection for all users of your sports facilities and connected objects (users, athletes, managers, instructors, educators, service personnel…). Our integrated infrastructure guarantees an uninterrupted experience at your sporting events.

In addition to this Wi-Fi solution, Osmozis helps you optimize energy and water consumption in a responsible way.
Thanks to our high-performance video surveillance system, you can also enhance security within your sports complex, whatever it may be (sports hall, fitness center, dojo, gymnasium, ice rink, municipal swimming pool, sports complex…).

Simplify the administrative management of your facilities with our customized tools. Osmozis offers a complete solution, combining connectivity, intelligent resource management, enhanced security and ease of management for your sports facilities!


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A dedicated solution for sports facilities

The Wi-Fi connection is not good in my sports arena
I want to be able to check an entry/exit in the event of a dispute with users of my sports facilities
I would like to be aware of risky behavior or intrusions in my sports facilities
I want to make life easier for users and spectators by allowing them to pay cashless for their purchases with a secure payment wristband

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Your asks to Osmozis

Of course you can! With our Wi-Fi Premium solution, you can offer your users and participants a free, high-performance Internet connection with the best bandwidth, covering your entire sports arena (open-air area, bleachers, changing rooms, sports residences, stands, etc.).

You don’t need a ticket to use the Wi-Fi thanks to the captive portal (although you can distribute tickets if you wish). This Osmozis solution guarantees optimal, easy-to-access and 100% secure connectivity throughout your sports complex, whether for regular users or for sports meetings and events.

Exactly. In this case, it’s a matter of creating a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network).

We can provide you with as many Wi-Fi networks as you need, to meet the specific management requirements of your establishment and the sports disciplines on offer (basketball, rugby, handball, tennis, athletics, volleyball…).

Absolutely. Thanks to our solutions, don’t leave your users without an Internet connection when they’re staying at your sports facility!

We can install up to one terminal per accommodation to help you offer the best possible service to your holidaymakers in the case of rental accommodation for sports vacations (sailing vacation camps, summer camps, sports and leisure vacations, school excursions for schools, colleges and high schools…).

Indeed, we interface with the biggest PMSs (eSeason, Inaxel…). We also offer our own PMS, OsmoGestion.

In addition to being interfaced with our Wi-Fi solution, this interface is equipped with a host of features to help you optimize the overall management of your group accommodations (at a summer camp, for example).

From this all-in-one digital platform, you can manage guests, reservations, housekeeping, meals and much more!

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