I am taking advantage of a powerful Internet speed with optical fiber

Optical fiber


Move up a gear,
boost your Internet connection

Access Superfast Broadband (SFB) up to 1 Gbit/s uploads and downloads
Upgradeable symmetrical speed
Speed guaranteed
Rapid data exchange (interconnection between sites)
Low latency (average Ping below < 30 ms)
Turnkey solution

With a high-performing and available
after-sales service

Personalised support
Incomparable service quality
Dedicated technical support

Our optical fiber solution

Optical fiber technology is currently the fastest Internet access. After checking the eligibility of your campsite, we will offer you various formulas for connecting to Optical Fiber, and subscriptions adapted to your requirements and your seasonality.

A dedicated project manager will be allocated to you from the confirmation of your feasibility, until the package is installed, to ensure you the best quality of service.

A reliable solution, efficient technology

Characteristics of the OsmoFibre™ offering:

  • Speed guaranteed
  • Delivery of a fixed IP (Bloc RIP as an option)
  • Guaranteed Time to Restore Internet: 4 hours
  • Monitoring tools 24/7
  • Simple bandwidth improvement
  • Supervision in real time from our technicians
  • Delivery with a modem and router
  • After-sales technical support on-site on business days in case of problems
  • Dedicated technical support

Optical fiber installation| Needs

Are you experiencing
network quality problems?

My Internet speed is not fast enough
I wish to be able to interconnect several sites to transmit data
I wish to be able to use services requiring a significant bandwidth (Streaming, VOD)

Optical fiber installation | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

It all depends on the level of service you want to offer to your holidaymakers. For example, ADSL won’t allow you to offer a service with streaming (Netflix, BeIN Sports, etc.) or VOD on all your sites for simultaneous use.

Here are a few metrics to help you understand :

  • Netflix viewing in high definition = 5Mbps
  • YouTube viewing = 5Mbps
  • Using Instagram = 1Mbps for scrolling
  • ADSL = 20 Mbps
  • VDSL = 50 Mbps

You should therefore measure the available speed with the Osmozis teams and identify the possible alternatives before proceeding with the installation of optical fiber in your area.

You should also bear in mind that increasing your campsite’s internet speed by deploying optical fiber (the most powerful form of internet access today) can considerably improve customer satisfaction and the attractiveness of your establishment (holiday homes, campsites, hotels, etc.) !

Yes, in fact, it’s quite simple !

  • FTTH : Fiber To The Home. This is a shared optical fiber that arrives at your home, in your house !
  • FTTO : Fiber To The Organization. This optical fiber is delivered to your business or premises. It is therefore a strand dedicated exclusively to you for your professional use, with a guaranteed speed (also known as professional optical fiber).

The reason for the distinction between personal and business fiber optical installation is very simple. It depends on the number of ‘homes’ connected to the optical fiber :

  • With FTTH, your house or flat shares the optical fiber network with its neighbours (up to 64 homes can be connected at the same time !). This is why operators talk about very high-speed internet access of up to 1Gbps (you could actually achieve this if you were on your own !). Each dwelling is connected to the optical fiber through a mutualisation point (a metal cabinet with optical cords), itself connected to a OSP (Optical Service Point), a box installed close to the dwellings, enabling the optical fiber network to be rolled out to several dwellings at the same time.
  • With an FTTO installation, it’s the other way round : you don’t share the optical fiber link. As a result, if you have subscribed to a 100 Mbps speed, you will be guaranteed 100 Mbps at the output, whatever the conditions of use of your neighbours ! This is very important for establishments that offer services to customers, such as holidaymakers, because speed requirements can change at any time.

Yes, because wherever the optical fiber goes, it has to be “pulled”.
In other words, an optical fiber cable has to be laid all the way to your premises to enable this very high-speed network to be deployed ! This information is given to you following an eligibility test carried out by your commercial operator.

Most of the time, you don’t have to do a thing and our team of optical fiber installers make all the connections. Occasionally, however, you may need to carry out work to bring the optical fiber to your holiday accommodation, in line with the engineering report (OPC – Operation Customer Plan – given by the operator during its technical visit).

First of all, our sales team will carry out an optical fiber eligibility study of your postal address to determine which Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be able to meet your needs. Even though the choice of ISPs is much wider in high-density areas than in rural areas, the arrival of optical fiber is becoming increasingly widespread throughout France.

Once we have identified your ISP and your eligibility, the chosen operator will carry out a technical visit to your site and draw up your POC (Proof Of Concept). Once we have received this document, work may or may not be scheduled. Osmozis technicians then come and connect your campsite to the optical fiber.

As soon as we have confirmed that your establishment is eligible, you will be accompanied by an optical fiber installer at every stage of the roll-out to your holiday campsite.

Absolutely! For example, would you like more bandwidth during your opening season or at peak times ?

We can offer you several optical fiber packages with tailor-made solutions. For example, 10 Mbps in Low Season and 500 Mbps in High Season for maximum network coverage: your monthly payment is smoothed out over the year !

We always make sure we offer an optical fiber connection and subscription package that’s perfectly suited to your needs, the type of holiday campsite you have and the season you’re in.

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