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Connected locks
(open with bracelets or a code)


Locks connected with an access code or a connected bracelet
Simple installation by replacing the existing door handle
Mechanism installed on the entirely autonomous LoRaWan network
Configuration system of codes and RFID swipe cards
Automatic sending of an access code to holidaymakers by SMS or e-mail

Our access control system

The OsmoKey™ solution is a wireless offering of connected locks, enabling the replacement of traditional keys by an RFID bracelet or by a personalized and secure code.

OsmoKey™, peace of mind for holidaymakers, a time-saver for you

OsmoKey™ is a solution which removes the traditional key, by registering a limited right of access over a given time period either:

  • on a bracelet or an RFID support able to be disposed of;
  • via a personal code, supplied to each member of a family.

OsmoKey™ reduces the restrictive management of keys for the campsite owner at the time of arrivals and departures, and provides peace of mind for holidaymakers during their stay.

OsmoKey™ enables the management of late arrivals, by sending the guest their accommodation access code in advance, by SMS or e-mail.

OsmoKey™ enables control of staff using entrances/exits for given critical areas, such as areas storing materials or food supplies.

OsmoKey™ registers all entrances/exits (identity of the keyholder, date and time) enabling statistical processing and better management of disputes (for example as with burglary without breaking and entering).

Turn-key solutions

Connected locks operating on the basis of a totally autonomous LoRaWan network, independent of the other networks you have installed.


The main characteristics of these locks are:

  • they are specially designed to adapt to the doors of the mobiles home, chalets and buildings;
  • simple installation by the replacement of the handle, frame mechanism and cylinder of the existing door;
  • materials chosen for their durability: plates in aluminium alloy with anti-corrosive paint, mechanical safety parts in 304 stainless steel 304;
  • IP65 protection (highest level of dust and water);
  • power supply: a set of 2 industrial batteries 3 V/3000 mAh supplied;
  • 5-year life guarantee with one set of batteries (or 10,000 accesses by code or RFID swipe card;);
  • operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C;
  • configuration system for codes and secure RFID badges;
  • transmission in real time;

Connected, secure and reliable bracelet

The system facilitates the entrance and exit of guests and avoids the loss of or the non-return of keys, when holidaymakers leave.

OsmoKey™ also enables restricting access to the premises, depending upon the categories of people and the times of day.

OsmoKey™ operates even in the event of electrical failures or the loss of Internet connection on the premises, thanks to the emergency codes directly integrated into the locks.

The same bracelet also enables the use of OsmoPay™ services, electronic wallet and OsmoRelax™, a system enabling the management of sunloungers.


Connected electronic lock | Needs

Manage access
to your campsite

I wish to send an electronic access code to the accommodation for late arrivals
I wish to avoid the loss of keys or the failure to return keys
I wish to control the rights of access of my staff to sensitive areas
I wish to be able to check an entrance/exit in the event of a dispute
I wish to use a connected bracelet for payment and holidaymaker access
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What they say about it
about OsmoKey™
MR Pichery Manager of the Le Robinson campsite in the Hérault department (FR-34 – French department number 34)
In the high season, when holidaymakers flock to my campsite, the management of keys is a real waste of time for my team. With the Osmozis system, opening the accommodation has become child’s play, as much for holidaymakers as my teams. I have even installed the OsmoKey system in my flat! A motto to remember: freedom, ease, tranquillity.
about OsmoKey™
MR Widehem Manager of the Yelloh! Village campsite Le Castel Rose in the Gard department (FR-30 – French department number 30)
The OsmoKey solution? This simplifies accommodation access for holidaymakers, in particular in the case of late arrivals. Our on-site teams no longer worry about having keys, but solely a bracelet. Thanks to this solution, I can better monitor staff interventions on-site.
In short, OsmoKey = a time-saver, with increased comfort and flexibility in daily management.

Connected electronic lock | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

Osmozis technicians take care of the entire installation on site. They replace the locks, handles and cylinders on the existing door with connected electronic locks and set up the LoRaWAN infrastructure.

They’ll also take care of training you to use Espace Pro, a dedicated digital interface from which you can monitor and control all the management of your electric locks.

Installation is quick and easy (on average, it takes 15 minutes per lock), and there’s no need for any external works. So your electronic locks are up and running very quickly !

What’s more, OsmoKey™ solutions are compatible with all types of doors (swinging entrance doors, sliding doors, service doors, beach gates…) and campsites (mobile homes, chalets, buildings, restaurants, grocery shops, holiday homes, bungalows…).

Moreover, we use materials specially chosen for their quality and durability (corrosion-resistant painted aluminium alloy plates, 304 stainless steel mechanical parts, etc.) for the cylinder, handle, square, bolt and electric lock.

You’ll be able to track and configure your electronic locks via the OsmoKey™ administration module available in the Espace Pro.
From this dedicated digital platform, you will be able to :

  • Monitor the status of your connected locks in real time on each dwelling (batteries working; batteries to be replaced soon ; batteries to be replaced urgently) ;
  • Configure access times to different areas for staff (cleaning teams, kitchen teams, technicians, etc.) ;
  • Manage and set up access rights for facility staff ;
  • View the event history for each connected electronic lock (date and time of entry and exit, etc.) ;

To discover all the features of our OsmoKey™ electronic access control solution available on the Espace Pro, we invite you to view our presentation video.

We don’t offer electronic access cards or wristbands directly, but we can put you in touch with trusted professionals such as ETIGO, or with your usual supplier if they meet the technical requirements of the solution.

Connected electronic locks can be unlocked in a matter of seconds using RFID wristbands. The door can also be opened by sending a personalised code to each holidaymaker.

This digital solution relieves you of the tedious task of managing keys and duplicate keys when your customers arrive and leave (particularly useful for late arrivals).

Absolutely ! The risk of intrusion or burglary is greatly reduced thanks to these high-security connected electronic locks and the monitoring of entry/exit history available on the Espace Pro.

On the one hand, burglars wishing to unlock the door will need to carry a magnetic card or know the code for this security lock. Secondly, all entries and exits are accurately recorded in each area, along with the date, time and identity of the holder.

From the digital platform, you can also regulate and lock staff entry and exit rights to sensitive areas (such as equipment storage areas, for example).

Thanks to this personalised access management and automatic door locking, the level of security is reinforced and much more effective than traditional key locks or bolts. In the event of a dispute, you’ll also be able to identify the perpetrator very easily.

Another significant advantage of this type of connected lock is that it saves time and space for receptionists, who no longer have to deal with keys. And with connected electronic locks, there’s no more risk of keys being lost or not being handed in when guests leave !

No, all you need is an internet connection so that the LoRaWAN antennae can communicate with the head-end server, which sends usage data to the Espace Pro.

In the event of a power cut, don’t panic, everything will work fine thanks to the bracelets that have already been encoded! And in the event of a malfunction, each connected electronic lock is equipped with a physical spare key. A real guarantee of peace of mind and security in all circumstances !

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