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Software and solutions for professional Wi-Fi with fiber optics
Connected electronic lock (opening with wristband or code)
NF 203 certified PMS
Electronic wallet for your holidaymakers
NF 525-certified cash register software

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Osmozis, the essential partner for high-end connectivity in your recreational parks!

As a leader in Wi-Fi networks and connected services, we offer you cutting-edge technology and innovative management solutions. Offer your visitors a high-quality Wi-Fi connection, connecting all their mobile devices and connected objects to a robust infrastructure. This guarantees an uninterrupted entertainment experience on all rides and attractions in your theme park.

Ensure the security of your theme park with our easy-to-use surveillance solution, enabling effective control of any intruders or risky behavior within the confines of your leisure park. With Osmozis, you can offer your visitors an exceptional experience, combining high-quality connectivity and enhanced security!


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A dedicated solution for theme parks

The Wi-Fi connection is not good in my theme park
I want to be able to check an entry/exit in the event of a dispute at my recreational park
I would like to be aware of risky behavior or intrusions in my amusement park
I want to make life easier for holidaymakers by allowing them to pay cashless for their purchases with a secure payment wristband

Recreational parks | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

Thanks to our WiFi Premium solution, you and all your visitors can be sure of a high-speed Internet connection throughout the leisure park.

You don’t need a ticket to access the Wi-Fi network: connection is simple, via a secure captive portal. However, if you wish, you can distribute tickets to your visitors for personalized management of the Wi-Fi in your leisure park, whatever it may be (amusement park, wildlife park, water park, theme park…).

Yes, it’s all about creating a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network). This allows us to create as many Wi-Fi networks as you need to meet all your requirements, and to offer an independent Wi-Fi connection in the different areas of your theme park (food courts and other points of sale, various attractions, etc.).

Absolutely. If you offer accommodation in your theme park (e.g. a weekend at Disney, a magical vacation in a theme park, a stay in a vacation village…), we can install up to one terminal per accommodation in your tourist accommodation.

This way, you can be sure of offering all your guests the best possible service, with a flawless, high-quality Internet connection throughout their stay in your recreational park.

Indeed, thanks to our OsmoPay management solution, you can offer all your holidaymakers a single, easy-to-use wristband that works on the EFTPOS terminals of all attractions, rides and points of sale throughout the site.

This optimizes the management of sales and receipts, making life easier for your guests and offering them a magical, turnkey adventure, without them having to take out their wallets.

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