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Our solutions for campsites

Software and professional Wi-Fi solutions with fiber optics for campsites
Connected electronic lock (opening with wristband or code) for all your outdoor accommodations
Power consumption management for all your campsites
NF 203 certified PMS
CCTV for your campsites
Electronic wallet for your holidaymakers
Water consumption management for all your campsites
NF 525-certified cash register software

Discover our solutions for campsites

Osmozis offers you an essential management solution for exceptional connectivity at your campsite or other outdoor accommodation (caravan, mobile home, bungalow, cottage…)!

Enjoy a high-quality Wi-Fi connection, with a robust infrastructure, for all your mobile devices, connected objects and other peripherals.

Enhance your campsite’s security with our surveillance cameras, and control your energy costs with better resource management.

Thanks to our comprehensive, high-performance solution, you can optimize your campsite management, save time for your reception teams and offer your campers an exceptional experience!


Deploy your campsite | Needs

An answer to the problems faced by campsites

My Wi-Fi connection is not good on the campsite
I want to be able to check an entry/exit on the campsite in the event of a dispute
I would like to be aware of risky behavior or intrusions on the campsite premises
I want to make life easier for holidaymakers by allowing them to pay for their purchases with a secure payment wristband
What they say about it
about OsmoKey™
MR Pichery Manager of the Le Robinson campsite in the Hérault department (FR-34 – French department number 34)
In the high season, when holidaymakers flock to my campsite, the management of keys is a real waste of time for my team. With the Osmozis system, opening the accommodation has become child’s play, as much for holidaymakers as my teams. I have even installed the OsmoKey system in my flat! A motto to remember: freedom, ease, tranquillity.
about OsmoKey™
MR Widehem Manager of the Yelloh! Village campsite Le Castel Rose in the Gard department (FR-30 – French department number 30)
The OsmoKey solution? This simplifies accommodation access for holidaymakers, in particular in the case of late arrivals. Our on-site teams no longer worry about having keys, but solely a bracelet. Thanks to this solution, I can better monitor staff interventions on-site.
In short, OsmoKey = a time-saver, with increased comfort and flexibility in daily management.
about OsmoWater™
MR Lavignolle Manager of the La Plage des Aigrettes campsite in the Landes (FR-40 – French department number 40)
The OsmoWater solution provides comfort and precision. In winter when the manholes are full of water, or during the summer when we’re full, it is not clear whether we should go and read all of the 79 meters we have. Thanks to the Osmozis system, I am able to read one meter individually or all at the same time. The results of the volumetric progression are displayed in real time, with the dedicated software, which is very easy to understand, that enables me to have comprehensive remote control. If there is a problem, I immediately receive a telephone alert. The equipment has brought real peace of mind to the management process!
about OsmoCam™
MR Rabeau Manager of the La Plage – Grimaud campsite in the Var (FR-83 – French department number 83)
The cameras with the OsmoCam solution enable me to monitor remotely, either on my mobile, or from the central display screen, the comings and goings on my campsite. Since the addition of the 4K cameras, the live display is magnificent!
about OsmoAlert™
MR Charrier Manager of the Sainte Anne campsite in the Vendée (FR-85 – French department number 85)
With the OsmoAlert, holidaymakers are safe. I had this system installed on my campsite following a request from the safety committee. I haven’t yet used it (fortunately!) but it could prove practical for making announcements on the campsite.
Just one word to remember: tranquillity.
about OsmoGestion™
MS Pavis Manager of the L’Etang du Pays Blanc campsite in the Loire Atlantique (FR-44 – French department number 44)
OsmoGestion is more than a traditional PMS (Property Management System). It has unique functionalities thanks to personalized developments made over the years with the developers, Osmozis.
The staff in Technical Support take care of you, and were cheerful and available, when we needed them. Thank you to them. Keep up the good work.
about OsmoVentes™
MS Pavis Manager of the L’Etang du Pays Blanc campsite in the Loire Atlantique (FR-44 – French department number 44)
The OsmoVentes software was the obvious solution to complement our personalised OsmoGestion solution. Adaptable to our various points of sale, in particular in the restaurant area, the use of tablets, directly connected to the PMS is a real time-saver for our waiters and waitresses, as well as its easy-to-use interface on the tills. The availability of the support and development teams complements this software, that I recommend in every respect!
about WifiCamping™
MR Wawer Manager of Le Village Parisien campsite in Seine-et-Marne (FR-77 – Region number 77)
« I equipped my campsite with Osmozis in March 2016. It was with professional equipment and not specifically equipment for the general public. Wi-Fi is a real marketing support, and is a significant service for our campsite »

Campsite | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

Of course, thanks to our Wi-Fi Premium package, you benefit from optimum speed with complete coverage of all areas of your outdoor accommodation, such as bare pitches, mobile homes, the bar, restaurant, swimming pool, etc. Internet access is easy via a captive portal, with no need for tickets.

However, if you prefer to set up ticket distribution, this option is also available in your Wi-Fi network management. For example, you can use a ticket board to give your guests tickets for their tourist rentals.

Indeed, our device features integration with leading PMS (Property Management System – hotel management system) such as eSeason and Inaxel. However, we also offer our own PMS, OsmoGestion™, which can be perfectly interfaced with our Wi-Fi solution, our OsmoKey™ connected locks and our cashless payment system, OsmoPay™.

It’s the guarantee, for your campsite, of a turnkey, collaborative software solution that simplifies your life and enables you to fully and optimally manage every aspect of your outdoor accommodation (reservation management, inventory management, invoicing, cash flow…).

In fact, with our OsmoPay™ solution, offer your holidaymakers a single wristband to make payments at all points of sale scattered across your entire site.

Simplify their experience and offer them an unforgettable, serene and all-in-one adventure.

Add to this our OsmoKey™ solution, which allows your campers to access their accommodation with ease using their wristband. During their vacation, no more using keys and wallets! This allows you to optimize the entire experience of your vacationers, for an incomparable customer relationship!

The OsmoPower™ solution represents a monitoring device for your electrical installations, offering the possibility of enhancing the safety of your electrical equipment, while enabling the management and reduction of your site’s energy consumption (whether on individual accommodations, quarters and common premises).

In addition, the OsmoWater™ solution is a dedicated control tool for your water supply networks. This innovation not only saves water on your camping area, but also optimizes the management of your establishment and equipment such as accommodation, sanitary facilities, swimming pools and taps.

These two solutions, renowned for their reliability, ease of use and security, provide real-time monitoring of your energy consumption, alerting you instantly in the event of power cuts or abnormal consumption.

Indeed, our video surveillance cameras are designed to be used everywhere, whether in public spaces around the campsite, or in private spaces within the outdoor accommodation.

On the other hand, while no formalities are required for filming private roads, the recording of public roads requires prior declaration to the prefecture and police headquarters.

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