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Monitoring electricity consumption


Autonomous electricity consumption management systems
Tracking consumption 24/7
Detection of cases of overconsumption
SMS or e-mail alert system

To save on electricity consumption

The OsmoPower™ solution is a control device for your electrical installations, enabling the optimum safety of your facilities and the energy management of your site (accommodation, sanitary blocks, swimming pools, districts…).

OsmoPower™ enable you to track consumption and alert you, in the event of a power cut. Easy to implement, it is entirely safe and reliable.

OsmoPower™ also enables you to intervene remotely from the Client Area regarding accommodation electricity supplies, for example upon the arrival or departure of holidaymakers.

Minimize electricity consumption, optimize your intervention

OsmoPower™ is a turnkey service which does not require any VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) works.

Supported by a LoRaWan transmission network, the OsmoPower™ service is a device for consumption tracking, and for alerting in case of a power cut. It is easy to implement and entirely secure and reliable.

Installed in just a few days by Osmozis technicians, your OsmoPower™ device is quickly operational.
For optimal service guarantee, Osmozis guarantees supervision, maintenance and servicing on-site.

A reliable solution, efficient technology

The OsmoPower™ service is configurable from your Client Area and enables you:

  • to check in real time the operation of electricity;
  • to monitor consumption per unit in real time;
  • to produce consumptions and flows over a given period;
  • to remotely activate/cut the electricity supply of a holiday rental; and
  • to manage your alerts (e-mails or SMS) in the event of an overconsumption.

Optimum control, an energy-controlled budget =

Made with a LoRaWan unit, an OsmoPower™ management and alert system enables you to avoid electricity overconsumption, and to ensure the tracking of these supply networks.


Power consumption management | Needs

Switching off devices in standby mode = 10% electricity saving
An air conditioning unit switched on in an unoccupied holiday rental = kWh needlessly spent
Discover the solution in movement!

Managing electricity consumption | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

Coming into force at the beginning of October 2019 as part of the ELAN law, the Éco Energie Tertiaire scheme requires all owners and operators of tertiary buildings to reduce the energy consumption of their establishments. To achieve this, progressive reduction targets have been set:

  • -40% by 2030
  • -50% by 2040
  • -60% by 2050

To meet the requirements of the Tertiary Sector Decree and embark on an energy reduction programme, it is essential to first obtain an overview of your consumption. This is precisely possible thanks to an electricity consumption management system.

With OsmoPower™, you can monitor, in real time, the electricity consumption of your tourist accommodation. This system enables you to monitor and control the energy consumption of your tourist establishment at all times, and to take swift action in the event of over-consumption.

Analysis of the consumption data accessible from the Espace Pro can then help you to take simple steps to reduce your electricity bill and comply with the requirements of the Tertiary Sector Decree: switching off electrical appliances as soon as holidaymakers leave, making guests aware of the need to manage electricity consumption sensibly, carrying out renovation work to improve the energy efficiency of the establishment and limit heat loss, opting for renewable energies, activating the most energy-hungry appliances during off-peak hours, etc.

Our OsmoPower™ electricity-saving device works using a LoRaWan transmission network. This system allows you to monitor the electricity consumption of your tourist accommodation remotely, from a dedicated digital interface. Unlike a traditional electricity meter, you don’t need to take your electricity readings manually.

What’s more, this innovative device alerts you instantly, by email or text message, in the event of power cuts. Finally, you can switch the electricity supply to your accommodation on and off remotely, from your smartphone or computer.

It’s a connected, modern and truly autonomous solution that allows you to optimise the management of your electricity consumption throughout the year, while saving precious time on the overall management of your tourist accommodation.

The OsmoPower™ device continuously monitors your electricity consumption across your entire site. In the event of over-consumption of electricity, you will be warned directly by email or text message. By quickly adopting the right gestures and raising holidaymakers’ awareness, you can more easily reduce energy bills.

In your Osmozis Client Area, you can configure the push methods of your choice, enter the telephone numbers and email addresses of your choice and define customised over-consumption thresholds to suit your needs.

Thanks to this electricity consumption management solution, you can ultimately make considerable savings on your energy costs.

Exactly. All you have to do is go to the Client Aera and select the electricity meter you want to switch off.

You can stop and restart this box at any time, with just a few clicks. This is a particularly useful feature for managing electricity on your site when holidaymakers are arriving and departing.

You can monitor and manage your electricity consumption via the Osmozis Client Area, wherever you are, from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

This dedicated, user-friendly digital platform lets you view all your electricity consumption in the form of graphs and statistics. You can filter this information according to a specific period or accommodation.

You’ll also find a complete history of all the electrical events that have occurred, with their respective dates, times and locations (an outage, a return of electricity, over-consumption, etc.). All this data can be exported at any time in .csv format.

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