We have devised Wi-Fi technology which connects all holidaymakers on-site

OsmoMesh™ European patent

The Wi-Fi wireless network
which is revolutionising the technology offering

What solutions are there?

For outdoor settings, such as a campsite, a holiday centre, a port, a town or village or a ski resort, which are extensive areas, the Wi-Fi network-based technology is the most suitable solution. It thus responds to all connection needs, in terms of costs and technological efficiency.

A 1 Gb/s broadband network
How does it work?

Running wires between all points of the network is a solution, which could prove to be very costly and even totally prohibitive, for implementation on a holiday centre. Osmozis has developed a Wi-Fi wireless network, OsmoMesh™, which enables the extension of the global range to several kilometres (the average distance). The communication between the network points takes place by wireless Wi-Fi, as well as through internal fibre optics, which enables distribution of the speed across all of the site. In case of failure of one of the network points, dynamic re-meshing automatically enables network repair, thus keeping it operational.

WiFi mesh

The OsmoMesh™ solution, is one of the rare approaches to Wi-Fi meshing, combining dynamic multi-channel routing, an aerial network, with a selected directivity and a multi-router spread management system. According to the interference measured on a given site, the channels used are dynamically chosen, thus optimizing the speeds of data transmission. The distribution of the system management over a large number of network routers enables you to be freed up from the critical problems of loss of network management, in the event of failure at a given point.


Taking account of the development of the terminals already integrating Wi-Fi and 4G/5G, the OsmoMesh™ networks are adapted to manage the “on demand” nature of mobile networks, sometimes saturated on holiday resorts (known as Offload).

European patents…

The OsmoMesh™ solution has been registered with European patents and is characterized by:

  • optimized multi-media algorithms for traffic management, which guarantee performances for multiple audio or video streams, whilst maintaining a sufficient bandwidth for data applications;
  • the automatic classification of all traffic, based upon the UDP/TCP port, managed according to the traffic priorities and characteristics.
  • automatic management of peripherals at a reduced speed, 802.11, to ensure the availability of bandwidth for priority video applications; and
  • the system is constantly determining the appropriate channel in the 2 Ghz ,4 GHz and 5 Ghz bands – no configuration or monitoring is necessary.
R&D at Osmozis
10 R&D engineers
4 specialists with a doctorate in Telecom et Informatique (“Telecoms and IT”)
4 patents
Up to 400 OsmoSpots™ per site
…How do we make the Internet of Things

(IoT) possible?

Based on our experience of Wi-Fi, the adventure continues with new opportunities in the IoT (Internet of Things) with, in particular, the LoRaWAN technology. A protocol for long-distance communication, which is energy-efficient enables automized data retrieval.
This technology enables the development of new tools for the connected establishment, in particular with the arrival of new uses intended for holidaymakers:

  • connected locks with OsmoKey,
  • a digital payment solution using OsmoPay,
  • and energy management systems (water & electricity) for managers with OsmoPower and OsmoWater.

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