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Our solutions for student residences

Software and professional Wi-Fi solutions with fiber optics for student accommodation
NF 203 certified PMS for optimal rental management
Connected electronic lock (opening with wristbands or code) in all private student accommodation
CCTV to ensure security in your student residences
NF 525-certified cash register software

Discover our management software for student residences

Osmozis : the solution of choice for exceptional connectivity in student residences! As a leading provider and operator of Wi-Fi networks and connected services, we offer you cutting-edge technology and innovative Wi-Fi solutions for all your student accommodation and halls of residence.

Easily connect all your students’ mobile devices and connected objects to an integrated, robust infrastructure, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted experience.

With Osmozis, you can also offer your student tenants the possibility of streaming in 4K thanks to our ultra-high-speed connections. Give a new dimension to connectivity in your student residences with the power of the Osmozis solution !

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The Wi-Fi connection is not good in my student residence
I want to be able to check in/out in the event of a dispute in the hall of residence
I would like to be aware of risky behavior or intrusions in student housing
I'm looking for a high-performance, time-saving management solution to facilitate the rental management of my student accommodation

Student residence | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

With our Wi-Fi Premium solution, you benefit from the best Internet connection speed, thanks to complete coverage of the entire residence (apartments, outdoor areas, common areas, dining area, student lounge, shower room, laundry room, etc.).

What’s more, to guarantee easy access to the Internet, no tickets are required. Wherever they are in the hall of residence, students can connect via a secure captive portal.

However, you can also distribute tickets if you wish. All you need to do is configure this setting in your Wi-Fi management area.

For example, if you own several student residences or other types of student accommodation (halls of residence, furnished studio flats, shared flats, serviced residences, student apartments, private residences, etc.), you can give ticket sheets to the managers of the various units, which they can then distribute to the tenants.

Absolutely. At Osmozis, we’re well aware that students have major needs in terms of connectivity. We’re also specialists in Internet network coverage in densely populated areas, such as large university towns.

That’s why we recommend that our customers install one terminal per apartment or studio in their student residences. This will enable each student to enjoy his or her own Wi-Fi network “just like at home” in the greatest comfort.

No more weak connections or slow pages: whether for online gaming, streaming or academic work, all students in your residence will be able to benefit from a very high-speed connection.

And they’ll be able to do so on all their devices, from PS5s to tablets, not forgetting the various connected objects that can be found in student accommodation.

Absolutely. All connections are recorded and linked to a unique identifier. This identifier is in turn linked to the e-mail address given by the user at the time of connection. This ensures complete traceability.

So, in the event of a crime, you can easily identify the perpetrator. Personal data processing and traceability are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements and in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

In fact, if student tenants leave units vacant during the summer, you’ll be able to manage short-term rentals.

In this way, you can optimize the occupancy rate of your student residence and limit the impact of summer vacancies on your property income.

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