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Software and professional Wi-Fi solutions with fiber optics for senior residences
NF 203 certified PMS
Connected electronic lock (opening with wristband or code)
CCTV for optimum security in your serviced residence
NF 525-certified cash register software

Discover our management software for senior residences

A leader in the supply and operation of Wi-Fi networks, Osmozis is your partner of choice for exceptional connectivity in senior residences, Ehpads and retirement homes!

We offer you cutting-edge technology for smooth, high-quality connectivity in your assisted-living facilities for the elderly.

Ensure the safety of your senior residents with our surveillance camera management solution, for easy control of all entrances and exits within the facility.

With our high-performance management system, we can also help you optimize the occupancy rate of your senior residences. In short, with Osmozis, offer your residents a secure and intelligent connected experience!

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A solution to the problems of senior residences

The Wi-Fi connection is not good in my senior residence
I want to be able to check an entry/exit in the event of a dispute in my serviced residence
I would like to be aware of risky behavior or intrusions on the residences area
I want a high-performance management solution that saves me time and enables me to optimize the rental management of my retirement home

Senior residence | FAQ

Your asks to Osmozis

Exactly. Our Wi-Fi Premium solution has been designed to give you the best possible bandwidth and to cover the entire facility (common and private areas, pavilions, catering area, concierge service, etc.).

As a result, all your occupants and teams (nurses, managers, medical and social staff, etc.) can connect without needing a ticket, thanks to a captive portal, in complete security. This ensures a high-quality Wi-Fi connection that’s easy for everyone to access.

We can also create a secure VLAN network to separate the Wi-Fi network used by your tenants from that used by your teams.

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Absolutely. Resident tickets can be set up for multiple simultaneous connections.

A visitor ticket system can also be set up, depending on your preferences and needs.

Yes, Osmozis lets you manage your Wi-Fi tickets from the “Espace Pro” on our management platform.

Our OsmoGestion PMS solution can be integrated into our Wi-Fi solution, simplifying group management.

This is particularly useful for multi-service senior residences, to facilitate your day-to-day management.

To enable you to have an administrative or medical network separate from the WiFi network used by your residents, we can create a VLAN (Virtual local area network).

Thanks to this segmentation of the Wi-Fi network, we can divide a single physical network into several virtual segments. The creation of a VLAN also enables you to benefit from a high level of security (communication between groups of devices on the same physical network is restricted).

The management of network traffic, which is segmented, is also simplified, as the unnecessary broadcasting of packets to the whole network is greatly limited. The same applies to device organization and network resource management.

Last but not least, creating a VLAN in your senior residence offers great flexibility. It allows you to rethink the network topology without having to physically move cables, which can greatly facilitate network changes and upgrades in your senior citizen residence or medicalized retirement home (Ehpad).

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