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Software and professional Wi-Fi solutions with fiber optics for cities, administrations and institutions
Power consumption management in your cities
CCTV in urban areas
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Osmozis, your preferred partner for high-quality connectivity for local authorities! As a leading provider and operator of Wi-Fi networks, we offer you advanced intelligent technologies, ensuring a seamless connection for all community members’ mobile devices, as well as for all connected objects. Our robust, integrated infrastructure guarantees a seamless experience.

In addition to our high-quality Wi-Fi solution, ensure that energy consumption (water and electricity) is managed sensibly, for a more responsible use of resources and a transition to a sustainable city. Enhance the security of your local or regional authority with our high-performance video surveillance system.

Simplify administrative management using our high-performance tools. Osmozis offers you comprehensive, innovative solutions that combine optimal connectivity, intelligent resource management, enhanced security and ease of management to improve the day-to-day life of your local authority, whether it’s a town, city or metropolis…

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A dedicated solution for cities and institutions

The Wi-Fi connection is not good in my city
I want to be able to check an entry/exit in the event of a dispute with users
I would like to be aware of risky behavior or intrusions in urban areas
Switching off appliances on standby = 10% electricity savings

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Absolutely! With our Wi-Fi Premium solution, your users benefit from the best high-speed connection, thanks to complete coverage of your city, whatever its size (we equip the city of La Rochelle, for example).

What’s more, access to the Internet is possible without the need for a ticket. Thanks to the captive portal, Wi-Fi is easy to access, simple to use and highly secure. The result is a truly connected city, a smart city that puts quality of life and urban development first!

Exactly. Connections are recorded and associated with a unique identifier, itself linked to the e-mail address provided to connect. In this way, if a crime is committed, it will be very simple to identify the perpetrator in the event of an incident.

This traceability is carried out in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which governs data processing on European territory.

Yes, our video surveillance cameras for cities and administrations can record public areas.

However, while no formalities are required for recording in private areas (businesses, shops, etc.), the recording of public spaces is strictly regulated by law to protect the lives of users. Declarations to the prefecture and police headquarters are required to obtain prior authorization.

In fact, our video surveillance cameras for the public sector come with IK10 vandal-proof certification. This index is the highest level and guarantees excellent shock resistance: the player can withstand a frontal impact of 5kg or 20 joules without suffering significant damage (mechanical shocks, deliberate attempts at physical destruction or accidental damage…).

This high level of protection is particularly important in busy public environments and urban areas, where security is a key concern.

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