I am ensuring security with video surveillance

Video surveillance


Wireless network of cameras across the entire site
Interior and exterior high resolution, infrared and anti vandalism cameras
Remote monitoring from your mobile/tablet/desktop
Service guarantee with supervision for 365 days a year

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I wish to monitor those entering my campsite during the day and the night
I wish to be able to monitor payment points
I wish to be able to identify the perpetrators of acts of vandalism and theft
I wish to be able to be alerted to risky behaviour or trespassing
What they say about it
à propos d'OsmoCam™
MR Rabeau Manager of the La Plage – Grimaud campsite in the Var (FR-83 – French department number 83)
The cameras with the OsmoCam solution enable me to monitor remotely, either on my mobile, or from the central display screen, the comings and goings on my campsite. Since the addition of the 4K cameras, the live display is magnificent!
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