I am taking advantage of a powerful Internet speed with optical fibre

Optical fiber


Move up a gear,
boost your Internet connection

Access Superfast Broadband (SFB) up to 1 Gbit/s uploads and downloads
Upgradeable symmetrical speed
Speed guaranteed
Rapid data exchange (interconnection between sites)
Low latency (average Ping below < 30 ms)
Turnkey solution

With a high-performing and available
after-sales service

Personalised support
Incomparable service quality
Dedicated technical support

The solution in detail

Fibre optics technology is currently the fastest Internet access. After checking the eligibility of your establishment, we will offer you various formulas for connecting to Optical Fibre, and subscriptions adapted to your requirements and your seasonality. A dedicated project manager will be allocated to you from the confirmation of your feasibility, until the package is installed, to ensure you the best quality of service.

A reliable solution, efficient technology

Characteristics of the OsmoFibre™ offering:

  • Speed guaranteed
  • Delivery of a fixed IP (Bloc RIP as an option)
  • Guaranteed Time to Restore Internet: 4 hours
  • Monitoring tools 24/7
  • Simple bandwidth improvement
  • Supervision in real time from our technicians
  • Delivery with a modem and router
  • After-sales technical support on-site on business days in case of problems
  • Dedicated technical support

We solve
your everyday problems

My Internet speed is not fast enough
I wish to be able to interconnect several sites to transmit data
I wish to be able to use services requiring a significant bandwidth (Streaming, VOD)
Technical support
Do you need assistance?

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