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Global WiFi Services dedicated to very large areas. 100% coverage.

  • Campsites
  • Vacation residences
  • Marinas and harbours
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Hundreds of thousands of subscribers trust us
Optimum Wi-Fi coverage
To give you the best service, Osmozis installs its terminals in small distance to make the mesh network dense, dynamic and without central hierarchy forming this way a reliable structure.

Osmozis helps you, installs its own technology, updates its equipments and monitors the network

Offer the best service to your clients and connect your campsite

The Wi-Fi becomes a must-be option and proves the quality of reception to holidaymakers, but it is also the possibility to maximise services in your campsite.

Osmozis has strong references with more than 250,000 WiFi-covered campsites emplacements and residence rooms.

Services and options

On WiFi payed mode, free or free pricing, Osmozis provides many services included for the management of your site.


(Global coverage
Payed WiFi)
(Free WiFi throughout the site or free pricing)


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Canal Information
Camera surveillance
Hotspot Café
Cyber space

Functional and controlled Wi-Fi

Osmozis, innovative French company, develops entirely its technology. Osmozis offers the optimal solution and the leading-edge technology with ADSL access and fibre-optic network.

Osmozis produces and installs a whole range of Wi-Fi terminals, OsmoSpot, using mesh technology destined to wide spaces to eliminate the identified constraints:
  • Topological constraints (environment, vegetation, ground, ...)
  • Wireless equipments (laptop PC, PDA, console PSP, Smartphone, Touchpad, ...)
  • Simultaneous connections
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Osmozis - Wireless Multi-service Network
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