I am making my life easier with connected locks

Connected locks
(open with bracelets or a code)


Locks connected with an access code or a connected bracelet
Simple installation by replacing the existing door handle
Mechanism installed on the entirely autonomous LoRaWan network
Configuration system of codes and RFID swipe cards
Automatic sending of an access code to holidaymakers by SMS or e-mail

We solve
your everyday problems

I wish to send an access code to the accommodation in the case of late arrivals
I wish to avoid the loss of keys or the failure to return keys
I wish to control the rights of access of my staff to sensitive areas
I wish to be able to check an entrance/exit in the event of a dispute
I wish to use a connected bracelet for payment and holidaymaker access
What they say about it
à propos d'OsmoKey™
MR Pichery Manager of the Le Robinson campsite in the Hérault department (FR-34 – French department number 34)
In the high season, when holidaymakers flock to my campsite, the management of keys is a real waste of time for my team. With the Osmozis system, opening the accommodation has become child’s play, as much for holidaymakers as my teams. I have even installed the OsmoKey system in my flat! A motto to remember: freedom, ease, tranquillity.
à propos d'OsmoKey™
MR Widehem Manager of the Yelloh! Village campsite Le Castel Rose in the Gard department (FR-30 – French department number 30)
The OsmoKey solution? This simplifies accommodation access for holidaymakers, in particular in the case of late arrivals. Our on-site teams no longer worry about having keys, but solely a bracelet. Thanks to this solution, I can better monitor staff interventions on-site.
In short, OsmoKey = a time-saver, with increased comfort and flexibility in daily management.
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