I am making booking sunloungers easier with bracelets

Management of sunloungers


The device for booking sunloungers with an RFID bracelet
The easy installation of RFID sealed boxes with an LED visible in bright sunshine
Bracelet compatible with OsmoPay and OsmoKey

The solution in detail

To make the rotation of sunloungers easier and ensure a greater customer satisfaction, Osmozis offers the OsmoRelax™ solution. OsmoRelax™ is a wireless mechanism for connected sunloungers, enabling the indication of the physical presence of a holidaymaker on a sunlounger thanks to the identification by their RFID bracelet.

To limit sunloungers’ booking abuse by the swimming pool, a box equipped with an LED even visible even in bright sunlight, enables the indication of the presence of a holidaymaker on a sunlounger, that they will have reserved by using their RFID bracelet.

OsmoRelax™, simple management, a comfort for holidaymakers

OsmoRelax™ is a system which prevents abusive sunlounger bookings by the pool. Thus, placing your towel on the sunlounger does not suffice to reserve the sunlounger for the day. The holidaymaker passes their RFID bracelet in front of the RFID/LoRa case, attached to the sunlounger, and they can occupy it for, for example, 2 hours. If at the end of the 2 hours, they wish to continue to use it, it is enough for them to pass the bracelet in front of the box again.

This enables the freeing up of unoccupied sunloungers, to the greatest satisfaction of all of our holidaymakers. The OsmoRelax™ case, fixed to the sunlounger, has a light indicating the availability of the latter. It lights up when passing the bracelet in front of the case to activate or reactivate the booking.

Completely passive, the bracelets can be used for the OsmoPay™ service for digital or electronic payments and for OsmoKey™ for connected locking.

A reliable service, optimizing your management

OsmoRelax™ operates on an entirely secure LoRaWan network, linked to the Osmozis Wi-Fi network or even a 5 Ghz Osmozis transport network. OsmoRelax™ works upon an autonomous and operational system, even in the case of electrical failure or loss of Internet connection to the site.

The OsmoRelax™ service can be configurable from your Espace Pro (Client Area) and enables you:

  • to identify each sunlounger occupant, in real time,
  • to read statistics on the rate of occupation on a given day; and
  • to check the technical condition of the cases attached to the sunloungers.

A flexible service, with integrated global management

Technical description:

  • anti-fraud system,
  • waterproof and customizable bracelets with the image of your site and a colour code (children/adults),
  • management of free sunlounger bookings and time lengths through the Espace Pro (Client Area),
  • cases with two types of sunlounger fixing (glueing or strapping),
  • Sealed IP 69 cases with water jets, and
  • cases equipped with an LED, visible in bright sunshine, and with a battery life of in excess of 5 years.

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