I am controlling my water and electricity consumption

Monitoring water and electricity consumption

OsmoPowerTM / OsmoWaterTM

Autonomous electricity and/or water consumption management systems
Tracking consumption 24/7
Detection of leaks and cases of overconsumption
SMS or e-mail alert system

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A dripping tap = 120 litres/day
A leaking toilet flush = more than 600 litres/day
Switching off devices in standby mode = 10% electricity saving
An air conditioning unit switched on in an unoccupied holiday rental = kWh needlessly spent
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à propos d'OsmoPower™ / OsmoWater™
MR Lavignolle Manager of the La Plage des Aigrettes campsite in the Landes (FR-40 – French department number 40)
The OsmoWater solution provides comfort and precision. In winter when the manholes are full of water, or during the summer when we’re full, it is not clear whether we should go and read all of the 79 meters we have. Thanks to the Osmozis system, I am able to read one meter individually or all at the same time. The results of the volumetric progression are displayed in real time, with the dedicated software, which is very easy to understand, that enables me to have comprehensive remote control. If there is a problem, I immediately receive a telephone alert. The equipment has brought real peace of mind to the management process!
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